As a filmmaker, my mission is to captivate audiences with stories of undeniable truth, beauty and goodness.

I seek to achieve this by crafting archetypal stories with unique cultural expressions: to take my audience on an adventure to a place they have never been, and in that strange and wonderful place, to help them find themselves. Whether through laughter or tears, gasps or cheers, I hope my work touches something in my audience and leaves them celebrating the films for years to come.



Quality craftsmanship, like a quality person, has a way of building you up and reminding you that this world, despite its cracks and flaws, is inherently good. 


Among art forms, cinema is uniquely powerful in its ability to build empathy, reveal truth, offer healing and express beauty, and to do so subconsciously by connecting with our most basic emotions.


The rule of cinema is to “show, don’t tell.” While telling targets our conscious, where our filters lie, showing dives beneath those filters into the deeper waters of the subconscious by focusing on our basic human emotions and instincts. It’s in this place that the heart is formed to reflect either truth or lies. I choose truth.

There is some good in this world, Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.
— Samwise Gamgee