NOLAN DEAN is a writer, director and producer with a passion for captivating his audiences with stories that confront the deceit, pain and sorrow of the human experience with undeniable truth, beauty and goodness. In his ten years of professional experience, Nolan has entertained audiences with films of all types and subject matters, bringing audiences to both laughter and tears, to gasps as well as cheers. Our production company provides the organizational framework necessary to support his craft and clientele.

We opened our doors in 2009 with Nolan's first feature documentary, Malatya - a human rights expose in Turkey that explored the controversial murder of three men in Eastern Turkey. After the release of Malatya, we set our focus on human welfare non-profit organizations, producing a host of docs and promos that have helped raise millions of dollars for efforts in Arkansas, Texas, India, Haiti, Nigeria, Guatemala, and Rwanda. 

While supporting charities, Nolan continued to hone his craft as a writer and director. After returning to Turkey, Nolan began writing The Four Infidels, a coming of age story inspired by his adventures in Istanbul, the characters he met, and his own childhood. 

As a proof-of-concept for his skills as a director, Nolan wrote/directed and produced a short screwball romantic comedy called Last Shot Love, which received rave reviews from audiences, critics and producers across the entertainment industry. Due to the audience's response to his characters, Nolan adapted the short film into a feature script which has been described by one sales agent as "the best script in the romantic comedy genre currently on the market.” 

Currently, Nolan is producing and directing the Last Shot Love feature film, as well as The Four Infidels, co-producing other films through a film financing venture known as Empire Media Partners, writing his next screenplay, and continuing his work with select clients who are doing great work in the world. 

Nolan lives in Helena, a cool little delta town, with his wife Jackie and daughter Arwen, where they hang out with friends, mentor teens, and keep life simple.

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Nolan is one of the smartest, most earnest, most focused, most un-rattle-able filmmakers I know. He has an uncanny knack for having everything planned, and running a large set effeciently and smoothly, but remaining calmly and patiently open to the moment. His motivations are pure, his skill is formidable and impressive, his passion is palpable. What else could you want?
— Brian Villalobos