I am a filmmaker with a passion to captivate audiences with unforgettable characters on archetypal adventures. Recurring subjects include the bonds of brotherhood, tribalism, father/son conflicts, and coming-of-age journeys.

My career started in 2009 with my first feature documentary, Malatya - a human rights expose in Turkey that explored the controversial murder of three Turkish Christians in Eastern Turkey.  The film explores the complex, politically-motivated murder of these men, as well as the aftershocks their deaths had on the small, Turkish Christian community spread across Anatolia. On a return trip to Turkey, I began writing The Four Infidels, a coming of age story inspired by my adventures in Istanbul, the characters I met, and my own childhood. 

Now a completed feature script, The Four Infidels tells the story of four middle-school boys from different ethnicities who go searching for a lost Byzantium treasure, only to find themselves.

As a proof-of-concept for my skills as a director, I made a short comedy called Last Shot Love, which received rave reviews from audiences, critics and producers. I have since adapted the short film into a feature script which has been described by one sales agent as "the best script in the romantic comedy genre currently on the market,” which I am producing in partnership with Empire Media Partners.

New works on the horizon also include two feature projects set in the Mississippi River Delta. Bluestown, a multi-plot drama in the vein of Crash that follows three intersecting feuds within the minority populations of a small delta town, and Huck Slim (working title), a modern, gritty re-interpretation of Mark Twain’s classic: A foster boy and a sex trafficking victim search for freedom and healing within the wildernesses of the Mississippi River with the help of an aged river rat. Also in development is a second indie style romantic comedy, Anthony, and a short suspense drama, Nighthawks..

In addition to my motion picture work, I produce branded content video for people, organizations and companies that do great work in the world. My documentaries, promos and commercials have helped businesses grow, candidates get elected, and organizations raise millions of dollars.

I live with my wife Jackie, daughter Arwen (2) and son Aidan (1) in a cool delta community on the Mississippi River called Helena, where we hang out with friends, renovate our historic home (constantly), mentor teens, hike Crowley’s ridge, paddle the big river, and try to keep life fairly simple.

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Nolan is one of the smartest, most earnest, most focused, most un-rattle-able filmmakers I know. He has an uncanny knack for having everything planned, and running a large set effeciently and smoothly, but remaining calmly and patiently open to the moment. His motivations are pure, his skill is formidable and impressive, his passion is palpable. What else could you want?
— Brian Villalobos