I have a long history of producing documentary films for audiences as well as clients. My work is known for the honesty, simplicity, and intimacy with which I portray subjects and topics.




My first documentary, Malatya, was a guerilla-style project that explored the lives and deaths of three men who were brutally murdered in a city in eastern Turkey, as well as the oppression that continues to face their small christian community. Despite its shoestring budget, the film doubled its investment as it sold over 12,000 DVDs, aired on cable networks across five continents, and helped launch a grass-roots prayer movement to support the subjects of the documentary.

Started: April 2008   /   Released: April 2009


Hell Town Rap Squad


Hell Town Rap Squad, co-produced and directed by Nathan Willis, is an intimate portrait of black teens in an impoverished Arkansas Delta town.


When an after-school rap club encourages students to write about the struggles they face growing up in Helena-West Helena, three young men discover an emotional outlet and creative voice to overcome the struggles of poverty, gang violence and a failing public school system.


Started: January 2017   /   Released: TBD 2018

Client Documentaries


On top of my original productions, I also produce documentaries for organizations, embedding our filmmakers in the heart of their cause. I differentiate between my client documentaries and other client work based on the style of the project. These projects are often unscripted, naturalistic, behind-the-scenes looks at the struggles and triumphs of clients served by an organization.

Many of my client documentaries feature minors, and for security and legal reasons, can not be posted on the web.


sample client documentarIES


A Day in the Life at Immerse Arkansas • a few brave young adults give us an unscripted look at what it's like to strive for success, even though you've had a rough start to adulthood.

Bo Mackey's Story: Bo Mackey's Big Day • a short adoption documentary about a boy's 6th birthday, produced for The CALL in Pulaski County. 

Silas's Story: Growing a Smile • a short adoption documentary about a boy working through his emotional struggles at a young age, produced for The CALL in Pulaski County.

I like the idea of the documentary as a portrait. You build something in the editing room that’s shaped by getting to know the person and digging deeper, unpeeling the layers of them as you get to know them.
— Spike Jonze