for dessert

Actually, our clients are the bread and butter, which we eat for dessert - because its delicious. 

In the last ten years, we have made well over 100 films and videos for clients. In that time, our story-telling has helped raise millions of dollars for organizations that work in human welfare causes such as adoption, foster care, crisis pregnancy, education, drug recovery, economic development and more.

In addition to our human welfare projects, our passion for the  great outdoors is driving us to tell stories of environmental conversation and climate change, as well as historical preservation.

Our client work is not separate from our narrative and documentary films, but an extension of it. We use our strengths in cinematic storytelling and documentary filmmaking to serve our clients in unique ways that the average production studio or advertising agency does not offer. The result is a style that tends to favor cinematic visuals, realistic b-roll,  emotionally potent interviews, and a tailored final product.

Our Specialties Include: 

Political Narratives • ad's are cheap, inspiring narratives are priceless
Organizational Storytelling  •  your company's flagship video
Testimonials  •  powerful testimonies to your organization's effectiveness
Conservation/Preservation  •  passing your passion for preservation on to your audience.



Chintan Desai is a democrat candidate running for U.S. Congress in eastern Arkansas. Our video helped secure his position as the sole democratic challenger.

Immerse Arkansas supports youth who are aging out of foster care as they transition to adulthood. 

Reclaimed Helena beautified the Arkansas Delta by tearing down ruined properties, harvesting their hardwood, and transforming it into elegant furniture. 

Thrive Women's Clinic is a pro-life clinic that supports women with unplanned pregnancies.

The CALL in Pulaski County: Vanessa's story of being rescued from a religious cult and adopted by a Christian family recruited and trained by The CALL.

Thrive Women's Clinic: The story of how Alysha's life was changed by visiting Thrive.


The story is a machine for empathy. It is a really powerful tool for imagining yourself in other people’s situations.
— Ira Glass